Our uniquely formed bi-directional boosters take advantage of an E.I. DuPont “taper jet” design which provides a uniform, high-output jet and increases the output of Legacy Oil Tools® boosters in excess of four times that which is provided by other boosters on the market. The “taper jet” design provides a benefit on the receiver side of the booster as well by focusing energy from the donor to initiate the receiving booster. This efficient transfer of energy between the two boosters provides a reliable detonation wave required for a dependable transfer.


Our HMX bi-di is designed and tested to shoot over a 7” air gap between the donor and receiving booster, while the detonating cord on each booster has a 0.250” air gap from the powder column. When new powder is received at our facility, Legacy Oil Tools tests the transfer over a 9” air gap before the powder is released into production. This lot-by-lot testing ensures our boosters are superior in transfer reliability over all other bi-directional boosters on the market.


DT-BIDI-400 Bi-Directional Booster (HMX)
DT-BIDI-400-(C) Bi-Directional Booster (HMX) Density Certified
DT-BIDI-475 Bi-Directional Booster (HNS)
DT-BIDI-475-(C) Bi-Directional Booster (HNS) Density Certified


DET-E-A85 A-85 Fluid Disabled Resistorized Instantaneous RDX Detonator 
DET-E-A105 A-105 High Pressure Resistorized Instantaneous RDX Detonator 
DET-E-A140 A-140 Resistorized Instantaneous RDX Detonator 
DET-E-A140F A-140F & Block Fluid Disabled Resistorized Instantaneous RDX Detonator Assembly 
DET-E-A140S A-140S  Fluid Disabled Resistorized Instantaneous RDX Detonator 
DET-E-A161 A-161 Ultra High Temperature Resistorized Fluid Disabled Detonator