Connex® Clean Perforation Technology delivers clear, open tunnels independent of rock type. Every tunnel receives its own cleaning action, independent of other perforations, resulting in a much greater percentage of clean tunnels and ideal flow path between undamaged reservoir and the wellbore. Connex® is optimized for deployment in all GEODynamics’ perforating systems.

Connex Conventional Perforating Rock Image_SM
Connex Perforating Rock Image_SM
Check out the dramatic improvement in tunnel geometry and quality delivered by Connex®. No more crushed zone. No more compacted fill, just a wide, clean tunnel. Note the fractured tunnel tip, a highly beneficial feature to inflow performance.


Connex® products deploy in standard hardware. Gun performance and wellbore integrity are unaffected. Penetration into stressed rock is equivalent to GEODynamics’ industry-leading Razor® charges.




GEODynamics’ Connex® charges uses Clean Perforation Technology to clear out the compaction zone in a perforating zone. Patented charge liner material deposited along the tunnel cleans exothermically when introduced to heat and pressure. This cleaning action creates significant pressure within and around the tunnel, breaking up and expelling the crushed zone compacted debris back into the well bore. In sufficiently competent rock, fractures are also formed at the tunnel tip.




  • Field proven to Eliminate or Dramatically Reduce Acid Volumes
  • More Efficient Hydraulic Fracture Stimulation (treating rates + pressures)
  • More Efficient Limited Entry Perforation
  • Maximum Impact Workovers
  • Profitable Completion of Heterogeneous Pay Zones
  • High Performance Injection Wells
  • Maximum Return from Mature Assets
  • Multi-String Applications