The StageCoach® model is field-proved to accurately predict how sand and fluid will flow through wells to measurably improve well productivity, and is included with GEODynamics’ perforating solutions.

Historical model limitations have guided our assumption that sand and fluid flow uniformly together. Yet in principle, what is observed in the field is quite different. Everyone knows the problem. We found the solution.

StageCoach® analytics package allows you to be more deliberate when selecting hole size and/or charge type, enabling you to achieve optimal sand distribution without cost variances. The result will yield better productivity and mitigate well to well interaction by minimizing the mechanical causes of super cluster development.


  • More clarity when designing stages
  • Model multiple scenarios
  • Casing design and pump schedule all that’s needed to start modeling perf strategies
  • Free to those using GEODynamics perforating products



  • Added consistency with stages, minimizing downtime
  • Achieve more uniform diversion, minimizing super clusters and well to well interaction
  • Increase productivity by as much as 10-15% compared to conventional designs




  • Numerical model, calibrated to full scale measurements at surface