GEODynamics Perforating Catalog


Welcome to GEODynamics’ perforating catalog. Over the past sixteen years,

we have continued to innovate and add important product lines in pursuit

of our mission to help operators and service companies complete more

profitable wells. Our goal of becoming your complete provider of choice

for high-performance completion solutions will continue. Thank you

for honoring us with your business.


In our Perforating Catalog, you will find a full range of shaped charge

perforating systems, addressable technology, wireline accessories, and

tubing-conveyed perforating tools. We have several new products and

product lines that are scheduled for release in the coming months that will

further address the immediate needs and requirements in today’s market.

Check back often for catalog updates and new product catalogs. And, please

keep in mind, that if it is not in a catalog, that doesn’t mean it cannot be done.

We have continued to help many operators solve wellbore challenges that

other companies said were impossible. Recently, we have provided new and

innovative technology to bring some of the biggest and most profitable oil

producing platforms online. Keep your eye out for some exciting press

releases in the near future.


We would like to emphasize the importance of purchasing perforating systems

rather than components. When we engineer, test, and produce a perforating

system, we carefully evaluate, select, and combine the components to ensure

optimum performance and reliability. Combining components from multiple

vendors cannot assure the same level of performance and reliability. Every

perforating system designed by GEODynamics is rigorously tested at our

Engineering Technology Center in order to ensure a significant margin of safety.

In the interest of safety and reliability, we know it is our responsibility to provide

you with a system that you and your customer can count on to get the job done

right the first time, and most importantly in a safe manner.


Everyone here at GEODynamics is committed to providing you with our best

technology, products, and customer service available, so we can continue to

deliver the highest possible return for your investment in GEODynamics.