Connex® Clean Perforation Technology delivers clear, open tunnels independent of rock type. Every tunnel receives its own cleaning action, independent of other perforations, resulting in a much greater percentage of clean tunnels and ideal flow path between undamaged reservoir and the wellbore.

Connex Conventional Perforating Rock Image_SM
Connex Perforating Rock Image_SM
Check out the dramatic improvement in tunnel geometry and quality delivered by Connex®. No more crushed zone. No more compacted fill, just a wide, clean tunnel. Note the fractured tunnel tip, a highly beneficial feature to inflow performance.
Connex Tables_2020_02_27-01


^ API Heavy wall casing is equivalent to 0.500” 120KSI yield. * Performance test results pending.
GEODynamics charges are available in RDX, HMX, and HNS. Please contact your sales representative for more information.
FLUID: Qualified for shooting in FLUID only.
IN FLUID or DRY: Qualified for shooting in FLUID or DRY GAS.