The VaporGun™ advanced perforating system features a versatile, addressable switch ready, portless, and oriented solution that provides high levels of precision and reliability. VaporGun’s open architecture design allows engineering teams to plan and complete multistage plug-and-perf operations more safely, precisely, and cost-effectively.

VaporGun can be used with most addressable switches on the market. VaporGun’s gun-to-sub and gun-to-gun connections are wireless with zero-tension connectors and are designed with a redundant, integrated grounding system. Connection options include disposable, reusable, and oriented subs to accommodate all preferences of design, cost, and rebuild strategies.

VaporGun can accommodate a variety of market-leading charge designs, including GEODynamics charges. VaporGun delivers true entry hole performance with the highest levels of precision. GEODynamics can provide VaporGun fully loaded, or ready to load, and with or without an addressable switch.


  • Portless gun system
  • Disposable, reusable, and oriented subs
  • Zero tension connections at each sub feed-through pin
  • Integrated redundant grounding and charge tube retention
  • Compliant with multiple electro-mechanical systems
  • Carriers available as a turn-key system or individual component


  • Limited entry perforating design
  • Unconventional reservoirs
  • Conveyable on wireline, slickline, and tubing


  • Shorter gun strings
  • Flexible utilization
  • Faster loading process for service providers
  • Easy troubleshooting
  • Spiral shot configurations with multiple phasing options offer one (1) to 19 shots per carrier, compatible with FracIQ™ , Basix™, Razor®, Connex®, Refrax™, and other charge manufacturer technologies
  • Planar shot configurations offer one (1) to six (6) shot clusters using HELLFire™ charge technology