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GEODynamics’ Wellsite Direct offers an innovative customer service model designed for Wireline Service Companies providing plug and perf operations in the pumpdown perforating market. In the everchanging world of perforating for frac, our Wellsite Direct Services offers all-inclusive, hands-off support for Wireline Companies from “rig up” to “rig down.” GEODynamics’ services cover all aspects of perforating from superior perforating systems, gun loading, logistics, assembly, quality checks, troubleshooting, and technical support.

GEODynamics engineered perforating solutions on wellsite along with experienced perforating specialists provide an excellent opportunity to reduce financial overhead while increasing operational efficiency when compared to traditional perforating system delivery model.



  • 100 years of combined experience protects against high-turnover of service hands
  • Onsite 24/7 to support Wireline’s plug and perf operations
  • Pioneers in providing onsite technical service directly from the tool manufacturer
  • Onsite technical expertise provides direct interface if problems arise
  • GEODynamics’ technical support onsite, frees you up to run a lean team with reduced personnel


  • Capabilities – onsite
  • Experience – onsite
  • Accountability – onsite
  • Risk mitigation – onsite
  • Technical support – onsite
  • Efficiency – onsite
  • Productive Well – onsite
  • Savings – in hand


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